AP® Teacher Support Preview for Human Geography

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AP® Teacher Support for Human Geography is offered from August to May and includes monthly live online mentor sessions, 3 never-seen-before lesson plans posted each month, a resource library of 12 additional lesson plans, and much more! Our AP Human Geography teachers and their students are supported throughout the school year by an experienced group of AP teachers who can answer questions and help teachers implement lesson plans and navigate any exam changes. All live online sessions are recorded and available to watch again and again. In the spring, we also offer exclusive review sessions for AP Teacher Support students and a full-length practice exam. We’ve got your back from start to finish!

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Take a look at our 2021-22 Human Geography lesson plans that will be posted throughout the school year.

Unit 1: Introduction: Thinking Geographically (Topics 1.1 – 1.7)
Unit 1: Topic 1.1: Introduction to Maps
Unit 1: Topic 1.2: Geographic Data
Unit 1: Topic 1.5: Human-Environmental Interaction
Unit 2: Introduction: Population and Migration Patterns and Processes (Topics 2.1-2.12)
Unit 2: Topic 2.6: Malthusian Theory
Unit 2: Topic 2.9: Aging Populations
Unit 2: Topic 2.10: Causes of Migration
Unit 3: Introduction: Cultural Patterns and Processes (Topics 3.1-3.8)
Unit 3: Topic 3.1: Introduction to Culture
Unit 3: Topic 3.2: Cultural Landscapes
Unit 3: Topic 3.7: Diffusion of Religion and Language
Unit 4: Introduction: Political Patterns and Processes (Topics 4.1-4.10)
Unit 4: Topic 4.1: Introduction to Political Geography
Unit 4: Topic 4.3: Political Power and Territoriality
Unit 4: Topic 4.6: Internal Boundaries
Unit 5: Introduction: Agricultural and Rural Land-Use Patterns and Processes (Topics 5.1-5.12)
Unit 5: Topic 5.5: The Green Revolution
Unit 5: Topic 5.7: Spatial Organization of Agriculture
Unit 5: Topic 5.9: The Global System of Agriculture
Unit 6: Introduction: Cities and Urban Land-Use Patterns and Processes (Topics 6.1-6.11)
Unit 6: Topic 6.7: Infrastructure
Unit 6: Topic 6.9: Urban Data
Unit 6: Topic 6.10: Challenges of Urban Changes
Unit 7: Introduction: Industrial and Economic Development Patterns and Processes (Topics 7.1-7.8)
Unit 7: Topic 7.2: Economic Sectors and Patterns
Unit 7: Topic 7.4: Women and Economic Development
Unit 7: Topic 7.8: Sustainable Development
AP Exam Review (Course Skills 1-5 and Units 1-7)
Post-Exam Resources (Course Skills 1-5 and Units 1-7)

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