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AP® Teacher Support for European History

If you want to get time back for yourself, then AP® Teacher Support for European History is the perfect solution. When you purchase AP® Teacher Support, you get:

3 new lesson plans each month (30 total!)

1 monthly mentor session

12 additional lesson plans

All live online sessions are recorded and available to watch any time. In the spring, we also offer exclusive review sessions for AP®️ Teacher Support European History students and a full-length practice exam. Professional development certificates are available and purchase orders are accepted.

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European History


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Take a look at our 2021-22 European History lesson plans that will be posted throughout the school year.

Unit 1: Topic 1.2: Italian Renaissance
Unit 1: Topic 1.7: Rivals on the World Stage
Unit 1: Topic 1.10: The Commercial Revolution
Unit 2: Topic 2.2: Luther and the Protestant Reformation
Unit 2: Topic 2.5: The Catholic Reformation
Unit 2: Topic 2.6: 16th-Century Society and Politics
Unit 3: Topic 3.2: The English Civil War and the Glorious Revolution
Unit 3: Topic 3.6: Balance of Power
Unit 3: Topic 3.7: Absolutist Approaches to Power
Unit 4: Topic 4.2: The Scientific Revolution
Unit 4: Topic 4.5: 18th-Century Culture and Arts
Unit 4: Topic 4.6: Enlightened and Other Approaches to Power
Unit 5: Topic 5.2: The Rise of Global Markets
Unit 5: Topic 5.3: Britain's Ascendency
Unit 5: Topic 5.5: The French Revolution's Effects
Unit 6: Topic 6.5: The Concert of Europe and European Conservatism
Unit 6: Topic 6.6: Reactions and Revolutions
Unit 6: Topic 6.9: Institutional Responses to Reform
Unit 7: Topic 7.5: The Age of Progress and Modernity
Unit 7: Topic 7.6: New Imperialism: Motivations and Methods
Unit 7: Topic 7.7: Imperialism's Global Effects
Unit 8: Topic 8.5: Global Economic Crisis
Unit 8: Topic 8.8: World War II
Unit 8: Topic 8.10: 20th-Century Cultural, Intellectual, and Artistic Developments
Unit 9: Topic 9.3: The Cold War
Unit 9: Topic 9.6: Contemporary Western Democracies
Unit 9: Topic 9.7: The Fall of Communism
Practice: Multiple-Choice Questions
Practice: DBQ
Practice: SAQ

AP® Lesson Plan Bundle for European History

Get the very best in Marco Learning’s classroom resources with one easy download! Our AP® Lesson Plan Bundle for European History is aligned to the 2020-21 CED and includes:

Over 25 lesson plans

Hundreds of pages of resources

Teacher's commentary and answer keys

European History

AP EURO Lesson Plan Bundle sm

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See what’s included in the AP® Lesson Plan Bundle for European History.

Food and the Columbian Exchange
Niccolò  Machiavelli
The Slave Trade
Baroque Art
Printing Lesson Plan
New Monarchies Lesson Plan
Protestant Reform Continues Lesson Plan
Wars of Religion Lesson Plan
The Scientific Revolution Lesson Plan
The Social Contract Lesson Plan
Piracy in the Atlantic Lesson Plan
The French Revolution
Spread of Industry Throughout Europe Lesson Plan
Labor Unions Lesson Plan
Zionism Lesson Plan
Darwinism, Social Darwinism Lesson Plan
Imperialism’s Global Effects Lesson Plan
Romanticism Lesson Plan
Versailles Conference and Peace Settlement Lesson Plan
Fascism and Totalitarianism Lesson Plan
Two Super Powers Emerge Lesson Plan
Decolonization Lesson Plan
Mastering the Multiple-Choice Section Lesson Plan
Short-Answer Questions Lesson Plan
Debriefing After the Exam
Real World Connections
Homework Workload

Free Resources for European History

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