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U.S. Government

AP GOV Teacher Support sm

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Take a look at our 2021-22 U.S. Government lesson plans that will be posted throughout the school year.

Unit 1: Topic 1.1: Ideals of Democracy
Unit 1: Topic 1.3: Government Power and Individual Rights
Unit 1: Topic 1.4: Challenges of the Articles of Confederation
Unit 1: Topic 1.5: Ratification of the United States Constitution
Unit 1: Topic 1.9: Federalism in Action
Unit 2: Topic 2.1: Congress: The Senate and the House of Representatives
Unit 2: Topic 2.7: Presidential Communication
Unit 2: Topic 2.9: Legitimacy of the Judicial Branch
Unit 2: Topic 2.10: The Court in Action
Unit 2: Topic 2.13: Discretionary and Rule-Making Authority
Unit 3: Topic 3.1: The Bill of Rights
Unit 3: Topic 3.2: First Amendment: Freedom of Religion
Unit 3: Topic 3.4: First Amendment: Freedom of the Press
Unit 3: Topic 3.5: Second Amendment: Right to Bear Arms
Unit 3: Topic 3.9: Amendments: Due Process and the Right to Privacy
Unit 3: Topic 3.11: Government Responses to Social Movements
Unit 4: Topic 4.1: American Attitudes About Government and Politics
Unit 4: Topic 4.2: Political Socialization
Unit 4: Topic 4.3: Changes in Ideology
Unit 4: Topic 4.9: Ideology and Economic Policy
Unit 4: Topic 4.10: Ideology and Social Policy
Unit 5: Topic 5.1: Voting Rights and Models of Voting Behavior
Unit 5: Topic 5.4: How and Why Political Parties Change and Adapt
Unit 5: Topic 5.6: Interest Groups Influencing Policy Making
Unit 5: Topic 5.7: Groups Influencing Policy Outcomes
Unit 5: Topic 5.9: Congressional Elections
Practice: Argument Essays
Practice: Multiple-Choice Questions
SCOTUS Comparison
Concept Application

AP® Lesson Plan Bundle for U.S. Government

Get the very best in Marco Learning’s classroom resources with one easy download! Our AP® Lesson Plan Bundle for U.S. Government is aligned to the 2020-21 CED and includes:

Over 25 lesson plans

Hundreds of pages of resources

Teacher's commentary and answer keys

U.S. Government

AP GOV Lesson Plan Bundle sm

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See what’s included in the AP® Lesson Plan Bundle for U.S. Government.

Types of Democracy
Checks on the Presidency
Government Metadata Collection
Ideology and Economic Policy
The Media
States and the Federal Government Lesson Plan
Congressional Behavior Lesson Plan
Structures, Powers, and Functions of Congress Lesson Plans
Roles and Powers of the President Lesson Plan
Voter Turnout Lesson Plan
Electing a President Lesson Plan
Political Parties Lesson Plan
Campaign Finance Lesson Plan
First Amendment Lesson Plan
Selective Incorporation Lesson Plan
Social Movements and Equal Protection
Multiple-Choice Question Timing Lesson Plan
Influence of Political Events on Ideology Lesson Plan
Measuring Public Opinion Lesson Plan
Evaluating Public Opinion Data Lesson Plan
Ideologies of Political Parties Lesson Plan
Third-Party Politics Lesson Plan
Congressional Elections Lesson Plan
Mastering the Multiple-Choice Section Lesson Plan
Concept Application, Quantitative Analysis, and SCOTUS Comparison Lesson Plan
Debriefing After the Exam
Real World Connection
Homework Workload
Big Ideas

Free Resources for U.S. Government

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