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AP® Teacher Support for  U.S. History

AP® Teacher Support for U.S. History is offered from August to May and includes monthly live online mentor sessions, 3 never-seen-before lesson plans posted each month, a resource library of 12 additional lesson plans, and much more! Our U.S. History teachers and their students are supported throughout the school year by an experienced group of AP teachers who can answer questions and help teachers implement lesson plans and navigate any exam changes. All live online sessions are recorded and available to watch again and again. In the spring, we also offer exclusive review sessions for AP® Teacher Support students and a full-length practice exam. Professional development certificates are available and purchase orders are accepted. We’ve got your back from start to finish!

AP® Teacher Support for U.S. History
  • 3 new lesson plans each month (30 total!)
  • 1 monthly mentor session
  • 12 additional lesson plans
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Take a look at our 2021-22 U.S. History lesson plans that will be posted throughout the school year.

Unit 1: Topic 1.3 European Exploration in the Americas
Unit 1: Topic 1.5 Labor, Slavery, and Caste in the Spanish Colonial System: The Encomienda System
Unit 1: Topic 1.5 Labor, Slavery, and Caste in the Spanish Colonial System: The Black Legend
Unit 2: Topic 2.4: Transatlantic Trade
Unit 2: Topic 2.5: Interactions Between American Indians and Europeans
Unit 2: Topic 2.7: Colonial Society and Culture
Unit 3: Topic 3.8: The Constitutional Convention and Debates over Ratification
Unit 3: Topic 3.10: Shaping a New Republic
Unit 3: Topic 3.11: Developing an American Identity
Unit 4: Topic 4.3: Politics and Regional Interests
Unit 4: Topic 4.5: Market Revolution: Industrialization
Unit 4: Topic 4.9: The Development of an American Culture
Unit 5: Topic 5.3: The Mexican-American War
Unit 5: Topic 5.6: Failure to Compromise
Unit 5: Topic 5.10: Reconstruction
Unit 6: Topic 6.5: Technological Innovation
Unit 6: Topic 6.7: Labor in the Gilded Age
Unit 6: Topic 6.13: Politics in the Gilded Age
Unit 7: Topic 7.11: Interwar Foreign Policy
Unit 7: Topic 7.13: World War II: Military
Unit 7: Topic 7.14: Postwar Diplomacy
Unit 8: Topic 8.2: The Cold War from 1945 to 1980
Unit 8: Topic 8.5: Culture after 1945
Unit 8: Topic 8.8: The Vietnam War
Unit 9: Topic 9.3: The End of the Cold War
Unit 9: Topic 9.4: A Changing Economy
Unit 9: Topic 9.5: Migration and Immigration in the 1990s and 2000s
Practice: Multiple-Choice Questions
Practice: DBQ
Practice: SAQ

AP® Teacher Support Preview

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AP® Lesson Plan Bundle for U.S. History

Get the very best in Marco Learning’s classroom resources with one easy download! Our AP® Lesson Plan Bundle for U.S. History includes over 25 full-length lesson plans. Each lesson plan includes annotated texts, student activities, handouts, and more. The lesson plans are easy to use with teacher’s commentary and are aligned to the 2020-21 CED.

AP® Lesson Plan Bundle for U.S. History
See what’s included in the AP® Lesson Plan Bundle for U.S. History.

The Florentine Codex Lesson Plan
Food and the Columbian Exchange Lesson Plan
Native Americans Before European Contact Lesson Plan
Slavery in the British Colonies Lesson Plan
New England Town Meetings Lesson Plan
European Colonization Lesson Plan
The Articles of Confederation Lesson Plan
Taxation Without Representation Lesson Plan
The American Revolution Lesson Plan
The Louisiana Purchase Lesson Plan
America on the World Stage Lesson Plan
Mormon Settlements in the West Lesson Plan
The Compromise of 1850 Lesson Plan
The “New South” Lesson Plan
Rise of Industrial Capitalism Lesson Plan
American Indian Reservation System Lesson Plan
Social Darwinism Lesson Plan
The Spanish-American War Lesson Plan
The Scopes Trial Lesson Plan
The New Deal Lesson Plan
World War II Mobilization Lesson Plan
The Red Scare Lesson Plan
Civil Rights Movement Lesson Plan
Mastering the Multiple-Choice Section Lesson Plan
Short-Answer Questions Lesson Plan
Debriefing After the Exam Lesson Plan
Real World Connections Lesson Plan
Homework Workload Lesson Plan
Themes Lesson Plan

AP® Summer Workshop for U.S. History 2022

You want intensive AP professional development? Check. You want to learn from the most engaging AP teachers in the comfort of your own home? Double check. You want actual resources and techniques that you can use in the classroom? You got it. AP® Summer Workshop for U.S. History is back for the 3rd year! Our most popular summer offering is available in 14 subjects and includes up to 15 hours of professional development over 3 days, 5 never-seen-before lesson plans, special guest speakers, breakout sessions, and more! You’ve got to experience it to believe how life-changing our professional development for U.S. History can be.

Workshops will be available for enrollment in December 2021. Sign up to be emailed when they are available.

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