Five Studygrams to Motivate You

Aesthetic studying. It’s a thing. Thanks to Instagram, the standard of note-taking has been elevated to seriously beautiful heights—and improved studying in its wake. Studygrams are a fantastic way for students to keep themselves and others accountable and to take pride in their notes and designs.

As big proponents of this study-positive movement, we’d like to celebrate the craftsmanship of 21st-century note takers. Here are five Studygrams from real live high school students (AP® students, in fact) that have blown us away…

  1. @studyquill

If you’re looking to improve your organization without feeling overwhelmed by complexities, @studyquill is a fantastic place to start. This Instagram account is a chronicle of meticulous notes from a variety of its author’s real high school classes; you’ll never see trigonometry functions more compelling!  Peppered with mesmerizing calligraphy videos and bullet journaling techniques, @studyquill’s feed teaches a good lesson in steady, clean, and ACHIEVABLE note taking.

Though they may be wrapped up in pretty, calligraphic ribbons, these notes are first and foremost content-rich and do not put looks before quality. We were particularly impressed to see that the notes remained consistent even throughout AP® season 2019. @studyquill’s creator Jasmine has been so successful in fact, that she is just about to release her own book called Study With Me – A Student’s Guide To Bullet Journaling.

  1. @ethereal_studies

Sherlock and Watson. Spongebob and Patrick. PB and J. Who doesn’t love a combo? @ethereal_studies’ studygram is something of a “mixed media” tribute to exquisite note-taking. And we mean exquisite. Some of the notes have been done “Ye Olde Style” with paper and pen, but lots have been taken on an iPad. 

What’s cool about the iPad notes is that they’ve still been handwritten (so perfectly, it’s pretty hard to tell), just using an Apple Pencil instead of a regular pen. Taking notes digitally can be very useful when it comes to including complex scientific diagrams or math graphs. Instead of spending time trying to draw them yourself, you can just copy and paste. As pointed out by the artist responsible for ethereal_studies, there is also the added bonus of having far less to carry around with you class. Something we’re sure every high school student would appreciate!

  1. @blurbyturtle

So, we’re obsessed with the flawless color coordination going on here. Devoting each month to a specific color scheme, @blurbyturtle’s feed is one of the most satisfying things you will see on Instagram. Her posts are a systematic rainbow that will relax and untangle your mind. It’s really worth taking the scenic route through @blurbyturtle’s journals, which showcase monthly milestones, motivational sayings, mood trackers, event calendars, and many more bullet journaling techniques.

What we love about this studygram is that self-care tends to be its primary focus. If you’re trying to build on your study skills and organizational techniques, it’s pretty important to have a solid foundation of order in your personal life first! There’s plenty from @blurbyturtle to inspire you, in life, on the page, or in your classroom.

  1. @serenitystudy

This is a great account to follow if you want to feel like part of a study community. @serenitystudy’s note-taking talent, Samiha, has curated her own elegant study aesthetic, as well as a welcoming environment, where students can ask anything and everything about how best to study. You can even join one of Samiha’s live study sessions which are hosted on a pretty regular basis.

@serenitystudy is packed with a bunch of super helpful study tips and note-taking goals that are realistic for high school students to work into their busy schedules. Combine the pages and pages of beautiful notes with the constant overtones of encouragement, and you’ve got the recipe for study success.

  1. @spoonfuloforganization

For those of you who struggle with the penmanship side of handwritten notes, @spoonfuloforganization might be your kind of thing. Though they follow the style of the typical hand-written studygram, these notes have actually all been digitally designed. Hayden, their creator, types them up and then adjusts the fonts to look handwritten, but strikingly neat beyond comparison!

You can check out Hayden’s YouTube channel to see exactly how he creates his flawless Powerpoint notes. He’s also got some videos with extra organization tips like: How to Keep Your Room Tidy or How to Organize Your Desk. You know what they say—tidy desk, tidy mind!

Whether you take beautiful notes or something less aesthetically pleasing, one thing is clear, note-taking in class is important! We hope these accounts will help you stay motivated to create a note-taking and organizational system that will help you stay on top of your study game. 

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