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AP Jumpstart

Learn the secrets to better grades and higher AP scores. Free live reviews in 17 subjects to level up your AP Exam skills.

AP Study Guides

Marco Learning’s free study guide packs include multiple study guides covering key content areas of these AP tests. Our study resources will help you organize your day and achieve your goals. Plus, we’ve tailored them specifically for you!

AP Practice Tests

Access free AP practice tests with multiple-choice and free-response questions in English Language, English Literature, US History, European History, US Government & Politics, and more.

AP Score Predictor

Wondering how you will score on your AP exam? Click on your test below and enter your AP test scores in our free score calculator to see your predicted AP score.

AP Study Plans

Need an AP study plan? We’ve done all the hard work for you. Each plan has six weeks’ worth of study resources and pacing suggestions to help you prepare.

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