Taking an AP Exam this year? The month leading up to test day is a great time to kick your studying into higher gear. Here are some things you can do to get ready:

Make sure you know the dates and times of your AP Exams.

You can check the full schedule of all the 2022 AP Exams HERE.
Take note: the exam start times are LOCAL. This means that if you live in California, your 8 AM exam starts at 8 AM PST, and if you live in Florida, your 8 AM exam starts at 8 AM EST.
For those of you taking AP Computer Science Principles, AP Research or AP Seminar, the deadline to submit your final coursework is Apr 30, 2022(11:59 PM ET).If you are taking an AP Art and Design Program, make sure you have submitted your portfolios to your teachers before May 6, 2022.

Make a study plan, and stick to it.

This is important. Once you’re about 4-5 weeks away from your first AP Exam, you should take some time to map out a study plan.
This daily study planner will help you stay focused, and make sure you’re setting realistic goals for yourself.

This monthly study planner will allow you to set yourself a study schedule in the weeks leading up to your AP Exams.

Review the course content!

Think about the topic you just covered in class. It should feel pretty fresh in your mind. Now try to think about the topics you covered in September. Not so fresh, right? It’s important to go back through everything you’ve learned so that you’re prepared for whatever topics come up in your AP Exam.

STUDY TIP: While EVERYTHING in your AP course is worth studying, do bear in mind that some units will count towards more of your overall AP score than others. If you’re taking APUSH, for example, it would be wise to spend a little more time studying Unit 5 (10-15% of the exam score) than Unit 1 (4-6% of the exam score).

Here are some useful, FREE resources to help you review AP content: 

And here are some things that are not free, but incredibly helpful nonetheless:

Practice as much as you can! 

Take some advice from the Boy Scouts and “Be Prepared”! You don’t want to take your first AP Exam on test day. To that end, take as many practice tests as you can. Take note of the areas you performed the weakest in and dedicate extra study time to those areas. Only by practicing over and over again can you expect to be better at any skill—including test-taking. If you don’t have much experience taking practice tests, check out John Moscatiello’s Step-by-Step Guide to taking a practice test like a pro.

You can download FULL free practice tests and explanations for APUSH, AP EURO, AP U.S. Gov, AP Lang, and AP Lit HERE.

Don’t have time to sit down and take a full-length practice test? If you need to, break up your practice tests into sections and spread them throughout a weekend or week. If all you can manage is a few practice essays, that’s still better than nothing!

Once you’ve put in some practice, you can see what score you might get with our free AP Score Predictors, available in 14 AP subjects.

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