Fast, Effective Feedback from Expert Graders

Engage students and empower teachers with supplemental, online grading support

Fast, Effective Feedback from Expert Graders

Engage students and empower teachers with supplemental, online grading support

Feedback Is How We Learn

Marco Learning helps build better writers by providing timely, effective feedback on student writing via our qualified network of online teaching assistants. With grading support, schools overcome the biggest barrier to writing instruction—teacher time—and unlock the tremendous power of feedback to improve learning outcomes.

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Hand-crafted, personalized feedback for every student

More opportunities for writing and revision plus fast, actionable feedback to engage and motivate students.

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Access to 1,000+ highly qualified, online readers

Teachers have more time and energy for high-impact instructional work, planning, and 1:1 student support.

Objective performance data for teachers and admin

Implement a rigorous writing plan and foster in-depth data analysis, data-driven instruction, and collaboration.

Classroom Writing Support

Classroom Writing Support

We believe students should write every day. The most effective way to increase the amount and quality of writing, revision, and high-quality feedback for students in English and humanities courses is to supplement your teachers with Marco Learning’s Classroom Writing Support.

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Create your assignment in seconds via your online teacher account.

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Share student work via Google Classroom, Microsoft OneDrive, or scanned PDF. We support both typed and handwritten work.

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Get data reports! Turnaround time is fast. In just a few days, you’ll receive detailed scoring and feedback reports.

Key Benefits

  • Supplemental support to meaningfully increase student writing and revision and ensure teachers are supported, aligned, and data-driven
  • Fast, actionable, and personalized feedback accelerates learning, engages students, and improves writing skills
  • Upshift teacher time to instruction, planning, and 1:1 student support
  • Real-time, robust writing data for teachers and admins to support PLCs, instructional coaching, PD, data-days, test prep, and strategic planning
  • Increase equity and access—this programs works with or without devices, in the classroom or remotely

The average Marco Learning teacher saves 80 HOURS a year to reinvest into high-impact instructional work, student support, and professional development.

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Writing Benchmarks

Writing Benchmarks

Better data fuels better student outcomes. Now more than ever, schools need fast, reliable writing data to know where students are and how to get them where they need to be. Marco Learning’s Writing Benchmark Support empowers schools to implement writing benchmarks with fidelity. We take care of all of the operational challenges that come with large scale assessments, delivering fast, normed, complete, and reliable student performance data (plus feedback!) hassle-free. With grading support, writing benchmarks become a powerful teaching and learning tool for all stakeholders—students, teachers, and administrators.

Key Benefits

  • Objective data without the headache or cost of large-scale assessments like hiring subs, pulling teachers out of class, norming and calibrating, marathon grading days
  • Student data (plus feedback!) is fast, normed, and complete
  • Upshift teacher time from grading to collaborative data analysis, instructional planning and professional development
  • Increase teacher buy-in and assessment fidelity

Need Help Planning?

Writing benchmarks are a powerful tool to help ALL stakeholders better understand, track, and boost student preparedness, performance, and growth. To be most effective, benchmarks should be designed in conjunction with thoughtful and complete feedback and data cycles. This is no small task — it requires upfront planning, coordination, key teacher and student supports, and of course, feedback.

One of our chief focuses at Marco Learning is to partner with districts and schools to think rigorously about what formative assessment of writing should look like to best prepare students for success.

Download our Free Writing Benchmarks: The Complete Guide

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