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Deliver high-impact feedback to the students who need it most.

If you are…

  • Passionate about helping students learn
  • A strong writer with excellent communication skills
  • Highly dependable

We’d love to meet you! Read on to learn more about this unique, 100% remote work opportunity. This is a great match for undergraduate and graduate students looking for flexible part-time work!

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Why Graders Choose Marco Learning


No more commuting or finding a carpool. Work from the comfort of your home or dorm or favorite coffee shop.


Giving students personalized feedback has one of the biggest impacts on their learning.


Develop professional skills and receive frequent feedback and coaching.

How It Works


Claim an open assignment on the Assignment Board.


Grade and provide feedback on the student work using a rubric, prompt and the teacher’s grading instructions.


Wait for the teacher to approve your work and provide a rating and review just for you


Graders love Marco Learning

“The system is easy to use and the feedback and support from the team is awesome! I enjoy the amount of work that was allowed for pick up and the process for raises/promotions.”

– Psychology Masters student at Southern New Hampshire University

I recommend grading to everyone I meet. I’ve had this job for three years now, and I never plan on leaving. I kept it when I started my first full-time job for extra cash, and it ended up getting me through an unexpected layoff from the pandemic. It’s made me a better writer and editor, and I regularly use it in job interviews. Plus, I love getting to give students specific and actionable feedback that I wish I had received. I seriously love working here, and I never want to leave!”

– Music and Business major at the University of Florida

“By being taught to grade others’ papers by strictly following a rubric and making sure student writing exemplifies what’s required, I have been able to greatly improve on my own writing which has definitely been noticed by my professors in class.”

– Political Science major at Purchase College

“I love the feeling that I contribute to the K-12 learning experience for students. The Marco Learning team’s communication is great and personal! I thought it was a robot when I first started, but nope! Graders also receive coaching for how to give feedback that is stellar!”

– Music Education major at the University of Central Florida

“I have loved working for Marco Learning! It provides a great opportunity to build my own schedule and work a convenient part time job from home. I also love how it enables me to practice my own writing and editing skills, and I enjoy helping make a difference in the lives of middle and high school students.”

– Neuroscience major at College of William and Mary

“I love getting to view students’ work and provide them with specific, actionable feedback! As an aspiring teacher, I recognize how important it is to provide students with feedback on their written work. Thank you to Marco Learning for allowing this platform to be very accessible and for always encouraging Graders!”

– English Literature major at the University of Central Florida

“Marco Learning is a platform that simultaneously provides convenience and benefits to teachers, K-12 students, and college students. College students are able to have a convenient and flexible part-time job, while teachers are able to devote more time to other aspects of their job and K-12 students receive high-quality feedback that will allow them to grow rapidly.”

– Human Biology major at USC

“Marco Learning does a wonderful job at encouraging the graders to utilize our full potential to truly help both the students and teachers. Additionally, I have felt cared for as an individual during my time with Marco Learning as opposed to a disposable worker as I have at many other jobs.”

– Chemistry major at University of Alabama at Birmingham

Application Process

  1. Create Your Profile
    1. Create Your Profile

The online application process starts with your relevant experience and coursework, academic performance, and passion for helping students. (~10 mins)

  1. Application Activity
    1. Application Activity

Next, you will score and provide feedback on sample student writing. We evaluate your feedback based on our effective feedback framework. (~60 mins)

  1. Mock Assignment
    1. Mock Assignment

If your application is approved, your final step is to complete a mock assignment on our platform. Throughout, you’ll be supported by resources and feedback from our Grader Development team (2 hours)

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