Workshops for
year-long support.

Virtual and in-person workshops and
bootcamps for ongoing prep

Summer Workshops

Dynamic, engaging experience for students: Not your typical lecture – we host hackathons, debates, graphic novel writing workshops, Shark Tanks, group projects and more

Support for teachers: Hands-on professional development that emphasized practical strategies for teaching AP skills and increasing engagement

Drives results: Focused on improving students’ test-taking performance on SAT multiple-choice questions and AP free-response questions

Building Teacher Capacity

We work with your teachers to build up capacity within your district or school to run effective, engaging summer programs in succeeding years.

We do this by providing:

  • Custom professional development
  • Proprietary curricular resources
  • Sustainable practices for student engagement

“you can learn and have fun at the same time.”

– 10th grader

“this summer camp was really fun and educational.”

– 9Th grader

“Great and amazing.”

– 10th grader

“… there’s a high chance I’ll come back.”

– 10th grader

“it made me actually want to go to camp.”

– 9TH grader

“the activities themselves were also nice at encouraging team bonding.”

– 9TH grader

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