Our Mission

Marco Learning is committed to providing the best, most complete resources for AP® students, their parents, and teachers. Experienced in the classroom, at the kitchen table, and within the test preparation industry, our teachers bring decades of AP® expertise to you, no matter where you are. 

Why Choose Marco Learning?

  1. The Best Teachers

Experienced in the classroom and at the kitchen table, we bring America’s best teachers to you, no matter where you are.

  1. A Complete AP® Solution

Our resources include ultra high-quality videos, lesson plans, study guides, and full-length tests and explanations that will help you improve in class and on the exam.

  1. A Learning Community

Join thousands of students and teachers from around the world who are studying with Marco in course and live online review sessions.

Our Teachers

Our Mascot

Marco Learning's Samoyed mascot, Marco


When he’s not trying to be everyone’s friendly companion, Marco the dog works full-time as the mascot and unofficial brand ambassador for Marco Learning. He offers unwavering encouragement and support to each and every learner during their educational journey with Marco Learning.