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At Marco Learning, we believe that the best quality resources and services should be available to everyone in our education system. To read more about our mission, read on.

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We support more than 200,000 students every year through school-based programs that provide detailed personalized feedback on student writing. Our signature AP® School Support program supports school administrators with program consulting, teachers with professional development and curricular resources, and students with live reviews and essay feedback. Read more about our school-based programs.


We support teachers with interactive professional development and mentoring both during the summer and throughout the school year. Our comprehensive lesson plans and resources help teachers save time and improve student outcomes. Learn more about our teacher programs and resources.


We support students as they prepare for standardized tests and college admissions. Most students access our content for free, including our full-year AP® Jumpstart courses, free practice tests, free study guides, and hundreds of video reviews on our YouTube channel. Our premium offerings for students include small-group live review sessions and personalized feedback on student writing. Read more about our student programs and resources.

Software Developer
Director of Curriculum
VP of Online Education
Marketing Manager
Founder and CEO
Grading Operations Manager
Grader Development Manager
Mary Beth
SVP Product Development
Director of Teacher and Student Programs
Director of Sales
Director of Partnerships
School Success Manager
Art Director
VP of Operations
Hooman Behzadpour
Mikayla Barish
Assistant Operations Manager
Nihu Bhardwaj
Grading Assistant – Recruitment
Tess Boghossian
Senior Grader
Kara Brittain
English Literature
Jacob Clark
Human Geography
Dina Cohen
Alyssa Condie
Assistant Operations Manager
Jordan Dischinger-Smedes
Environmental Science
Caitlin Flanagan
Heather Garcia
English Literature
Timm Freitas
English Language and Literature
Emily Glankler
World History
Sarah Jablonski
Grading Assistant – Recruitment
Michelle Jobes
Senior Grader
Tiffany Jones
Erin Kim
Grading Assistant – Ops
Gabrielle Klingensmith
Senior Grader
Grace Lamont
Grading Assistant
Corinne Lindemann
Michelle Lindsey
English Literature
Sarah McClanahan
Grading Assistant – Recruitment
Traci McKinney
Tonekia Phairr
U.S. History
Tom Richey
U.S. Government, U.S. History, European History
Gina Ruiz-Houston
Physics 1
Kelsey Sandoval
Grading Assistant – Recruitment
Emily Schmidt
Grading Assistant – AP Qualifiers
Liz Severson
AP Psychology
Kristin Shapiro
AP Environmental Science, AP Biology
Brianna Snyder
Assistant Operations Manager
Andrew Spiece
AP Comp Science A, AP Comp Science Principles
Vivian Su
Grading Assistant – AP Qualifiers
Ian Tiedemann
Macro/Micro Economics
Katie Upton
English Language
Sarah Vatland
Environmental Science
Jessica Vilk
Grading Assistant – Ops
Kathryn Whalen
Grading Assistant – AP Qualifiers
Abigail (Abi) Williams
Grading Assistant – Ops


When he’s not digging around in the garden, our mascot, Marco, works as a therapy dog for Marco Learning customers. You can learn more about him on our Instagram and TikTok pages.

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