An AP® Summer Institute (APSI) is a fantastic opportunity for teachers to come together to learn the best strategies, tactics, and systems to help guide students through AP® courses and exams.

But what exactly goes into it? Let’s dive into the APSI program, see what makes it tick, and then find out how you can register for it this year.

What is an APSI?

The AP® Summer Institutes give AP® educators the chance to attend an intensive 30-hour course on teaching AP® courses to their students. Throughout the workshops, experienced AP® teachers will demonstrate the best ways to structure course content, as well as various strategies for approaching teaching.

While this is optional for most AP® educators, if you are a teacher of AP® Capstone courses, you are required to attend a professional development workshop held by AP® Summer Institute.

Where is an APSI?

APSI programs are held at designated “host institutions” that have been approved by the College Board. Typically, these institutions are local colleges and universities in metropolitan areas.

For a full list of host institutions, check out the College Board’s website for more.

How much is an APSI?

Unfortunately, APSIs aren’t free. Though the price will vary from institution to institution, educators can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $900 for their registration—and that doesn’t include travel costs or room and board.

Luckily for educators, there are ways to pay for the APSI that won’t break the bank. One of the more popular ways to fund the trip is through the AP® Fellows program.

This program is a grant that provides educators of minority or low-income students with a $1,000 scholarship to go toward an APSI tuition. Any funds remaining after tuition has been paid will be used for travel and expenses.

There is also the AP® Rural Fellows Program. This grant provides teachers in rural areas with $1,500 to go toward an APSI tuition. As with the Fellows program, any remaining funds after tuition has been paid will be used for travel and expenses.

For any educator who must take or wants to take the Capstone workshop, they have the opportunity to apply for the AP® Capstone Scholarship.

It should be noted that they must also teach in a district with a median income below $87,500/year, and at least 50% of the student population at the high school where they teach must qualify for free or reduced-price lunch.

But if you are eligible, you have the chance to have the cost of your tuition covered by the College Board—which is very helpful.

Alternative Professional Development Opportunities

Can’t travel this summer? Or is an APSI too expensive? Marco Learning is offering AP® Summer Workshops for teachers starting in July. These three-day live online workshops provide teachers the strategies and content review they need to feel confident on the first day of school. Our experts will also review topics like work-life balance and classroom management. Lesson plans, practice tests, study guides, free-response questions, and more classroom resources are included in enrollment.

Learn more.

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