Marco Learning’s Statement of Equity and Access

Marco Learning’s Equity Mission

Marco Learning is committed to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything that we make, say, and do. This commitment applies to the policies, practices, and culture as an ongoing process within our company and also serves as an outward promise to the hundreds of thousands of teachers and students who rely on us throughout the school year.

There are three ways that we fulfill this mission on a daily basis:

  1. Resources: We provide free and low-cost resources to teachers and their students that focus on the experiences of marginalized peoples and celebrate diverse voices and perspectives.
  2. Policies & Culture: We set goals and prioritize work that clarifies and amplifies the company’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-bias and anti-racism. This includes formal and informal rules, procedures, and norms that govern how our organization operates.
  3. Inclusive Community: We strive to create a community that welcomes students and teachers from diverse backgrounds and a wide range of experiences. We approach this work with cultural humility, with a goal to not only be teachers, but also learners to create shared and equal voices in our community.

We understand the importance of representation and strive to build a community representative of the students we’re serving. We aim to amplify the voices that may not traditionally be heard in this space.

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