Why Take AP® U.S. Government and Politics?

There are a ton of reasons why you should take AP® U.S. Government and Politics.

Maybe you want to take the course for college credit?

Maybe you’re a political junkie looking for a way to learn more about the government?

Maybe you’re just really into taking AP® tests (if you are, you’re on the perfect website).

Whether you’re considering taking the course this year for credit or if you’re just curious about the inner workings of the U.S. government, here are five good reasons why you should take the class.

5 reasons to take AP® U.S. Government and Politics

Reason #1: Develop critical thinking skills

According to the College Board, part of the AP® U.S. Government and Politics course and exam is analyzing quantitative data in order to “identify a trend or pattern, or draw a conclusion from a visual representation and explain how it relates to a political principle, institution, process, policy, or behavior.”

That means students must be able to take a look at data and critically analyze it. They must also draw comparisons between that data and actual political processes.

Taking this course will challenge students to develop their critical thinking skills. As a result, they’ll be better primed for their future coursework in college.

Reason #2: Build great writing skills

A big part of the AP® U.S. Government and Politics course and exam is essay writing. Students are expected to write a lot over the course of the class. Not only that, they’re expected to write at a collegiate level.

The writing skills students develop will become crucial once they get to college—no matter what they ultimately want to study. It could be English, psychology, history, or anything else.

The ability to succinctly create an argument and support it with evidence is paramount. This course will help students master that skill.

Reason #3: It makes you more informed

One unexpected benefit of AP® U.S. Government and Politics is the fact that it will make you a more informed individual.

Consider this: A study from 2018 found that the vast majority of Americans wouldn’t be able to pass a basic U.S. Citizenship Test. However, being a well-rounded and informed citizen is vital to being a good civic member of society.

After all, government and politics deeply impact your life and the lives of everyone around you. Knowing how and why they do so is important. That way you can approach things like policy issues and voting with more knowledge.

Reason #4: It complements other classes

One unique benefit of the AP® U.S. Government and Politics course is that it perfectly complements other courses you might want to take.

One obvious one is AP® U.S. History. While the AP® U.S. Government and Politics course dives into the country’s political processes, Supreme Court cases, and foundational documents, AP® U.S. History provides the context surrounding them.

By knowing what was occurring in the country and the world at large at the time of certain political decisions, you’ll have a better idea of the why behind it all.

Also, we touched on this above, but the course will also prep you for your college courses. The writing and thinking skills you’ll develop are important for when you finally enter college. That alone makes the AP® U.S. Government and Politics course worth it.

Reason #5: It’s fun!

You read that right. A course about the inner workings of our country’s political machine is actually a blast.

After you take this course, you’ll be able to keep up with the United States’ political system from the day-to-day horse race of elections, to important Supreme Court decisions, to even your town’s local politics. By being informed, you’ll be able to engage in and enjoy the political process.

The best way to make sure you enjoy your time in the AP® U.S. Government and Politics course is by making sure you’re ready for it—and that’s why we want to help.

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Happy studying!

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