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New to Marco Learning or need a refresher?

The links below will help you get your admin account up and running quickly and successfully

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New to Marco Learning or need a refresher? The links below will help you get your admin account up and running quickly and successfully.


Administrators can use Marco Learning’s planning tools to prescribe an aligned writing program for their teachers or to allow teachers autonomy to use the rubrics and prompts that are best for their individual classrooms.


Districts and schools using Marco Learning for writing benchmarks and interim exams are encouraged to use the ‘materials’ or ‘template’ feature of the Marco Learning administrator account. Your School Success Manager can help you decide which feature is best for you. With this tool, a school representative can upload a set of materials (rubric, prompt, and exemplar) that any teacher within their organization can use. This promotes consistency in data collection and ensures students, teachers, and graders are all using the same resources.


Autonomous teacher use can be an effective means for increasing the frequency of writing and feedback in the classroom. With this approach, teachers have flexibility to:

  • Use a state, district, or national assessment rubrics and prompts
  • Use a teacher, school, or department created rubrics and prompts
  • Use a Marco Learning rubric (see below) paired with their own prompt


Administrators with Marco Learning access can easily implement a strong writing program with their account. Reach out to your School Success Manager if you need help utilizing any of the available tools.

Alignment Across Your Schools

Our administrator dashboard allows school and district leaders to successfully implement and execute a rigorous writing plan, ensuring teachers are supported, aligned, and data-driven and students have the personalized feedback and individual support they need to grow.

Easy Setup and Implementation

  • Quickly create teacher accounts to get your team up and running right away
  • View and edit teacher rosters at any time during the school year

Customize your writing plan to fit your goals by uploading:

  • State or district writing rubrics
  • Teacher or department-created rubrics that you’ve approved
  • Writing prompts and writing benchmarks
  • Anchor papers and exemplars

Using common rubrics to assess writing facilitates writing data that is aligned, comparable, and actionable.

Real-Time, Robust Student Writing Data

Analyze results by school, teacher, assignment, class, or individual student. Use these detailed scoring and feedback reports to support data meetings and PLCs, instructional coaching, and professional development.


Gain access to in-depth data reports:

  • Individual student reports
  • Class summary reports
  • Download aggregate data as CSV files for further analysis or upload to your school’s SIS or LMS

Ensure all stakeholders have access to this data:

  • Students and parents/guardians
  • Teachers, instructional coaches, departments chairs and teacher-leaders
  • Admin and instructional leaders

Tracking and Accountability

Monitor teacher usage and assignment progress throughout the year to know when and how to best support your teachers and make sure Marco Learning support is being used and used well to maximize student outcomes.

Monitor progress:

  • Teacher usage and engagement data
  • Number of assignments completed
  • Assignments in progress

Administrator Resources

Download resources to support a successful Marco Learning implementation.

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