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Marco Learning was created to support AP® teachers and their students. Over the past two years, we have supported thousands of teachers and students from around the world. We are excited to bring our work to schools and districts for the entire school year to support AP® programs at scale.

Our resources are developed by a community of experienced AP® teachers, readers, and tutors to better support teachers and students throughout the year, not just in the weeks leading up to AP® Exams. The results are program growth, higher scores, and better morale for teachers and students.

Programs for AP® Teachers

Teacher Support

$399 per teacher

Marco Learning’s Teacher Support for English and Teacher Support for Social Studies provides teachers with 3 new comprehensive lesson plans and 1 live online group PD and  mentoring sessions each month. The license includes access to additional classroom resources, such as study guides, practice problems with explanations, and more.

Lesson Plan Bundles

$129 per teacher

Marco Learning’s AP® Lesson Plan Bundles are aligned to the 2020-21 CED and include:

Over 25 lesson plans
Hundreds of pages of resources
Includes teacher’s commentary and answer keys
One easy download*

1-Day AP® Summer Workshops

$199 per teacher

Marco Learning’s AP® Teacher Support is a one semester license that provides teachers with 3 new comprehensive lesson plans and 1 live online group PD and  mentoring sessions. The license includes access to additional classroom resources, such as study guides, practice problems with explanations, and more. As we approach AP® Exams in May, our focus shifts to helping teachers best prepare students for exams.

Download a sample teacher resource pack that includes a lesson plan, study guide, and rubric.

Programs for AP® Students

AP® Boot Camps

$49 per student

Weekly live online review sessions
Access to recordings of all sessions
Customizable one-month study plans

AP® Jumpstart


Free Live Reviews in 23 Subjects
Learn the Secrets to Better Grades
Level Up Your AP® Exam Skills

Classroom Writing Support

Custom quotes available

We believe students should write every day. The most effective way to increase the amount and quality of writing, revision, and high-quality feedback for students in English and humanities courses is to supplement your teachers with Marco Learning’s Classroom Writing Support.

AP® Free-Response Practice Test

$20 per enrollment seat

Practice (with feedback!) makes perfect. Marco Learning’s AP® Free-Response Practice Test gives students the opportunity to take a full-length free-response test in the spring. Students benefit from authentic practice plus detailed scoring and feedback on their work. Performance data is shared with teachers to guide instruction, test prep, and student support leading up to the exam.

Download a sample feedback report that students receive when submitting their free-response questions.

AP® Support Bundles

School bundles offer the best pricing and most comprehensive support.

All Programs Include:

  • Alignment to the College Board’s Course and Exam Descriptions (CEDs)
  • Recordings for all PD and mentoring sessions to watch any time
  • Certificates of completion

Programs for Administrators

AP® Program Consulting

Custom quotes available

Led by Andrew Sharos, author of All 4s and 5s: A Guide to Teaching and Leading Advanced Placement Programs, this specialized program is designed for schools or districts looking to reinvent their AP® program or accelerate a culture of AP® growth and success with students. We work closely with every stakeholder to deliver a top-to-button solution for your school or district that prioritizes program support, identification of AP® potential in your students, and impactful PD for administrators and teachers.

What Do AP® Teachers and Students Have to Say?

Why Choose Marco Learning?

High quality digital resources created and vetted by experienced AP® teachers and readers and aligned to the Course and Exam Description (CEDs)
Orange Shield IconAuthentic, engaging professional development for teachers that’s right for the audience, content driven, and led by experts
Orange Preserver IconComprehensive support for students covering both content and test prep strategies and personalized, detailed feedback on practice exams
Orange Hands IconHands-on coaching and support for administrators that will help you identify key areas for improvement and develop a clear pathway for program growth, higher scores, and a better AP® culture on campus
Orange Group IconSupport for your entire AP® community—students, teachers, and administrators

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