Marco Learning Celebrates Black History Month

Black History Month exists to celebrate the manifold contributions of Black Americans to American history. Every year in America, millions of high school students study for AP® Exams we believe do not adequately address Black American perspectives. In an effort to diversify the curriculum and celebrate Black Americans in literature and history, Marco Learning is offering the following resources to students and teachers entirely for free. We hope these resources can help you and your students honor the spirit of Black History Month in your AP classes.

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Social Studies Lesson Plans

The Abolitionist Movement: Lesson Plan

Jackie Robinson and Civil Rights: Lesson Plan

AP® English Language

Sojourner Truth: Lesson Plan

Malcolm X: Lesson Plan

AP® English Literature

I Have a Rendezvous with Life: Lesson Plan

Figurative Language in Poetry: Lesson Plan

AP® European History

Touissant L’Ouverture: Lesson Plan

Decolonizing Museums: Lesson Plan

AP® Human Geography

Food Deserts: Lesson Plan

AP® Psychology

Ethics: Lesson Plan

AP® U.S. Government and Politics

Brown v. Board of Education: Study Guide

Letter from a Birmingham Jail: Lesson Plan

Shaw v. Reno: Study Guide and Video

AP® U.S. History

Sojourner Truth: Video and Lesson Plan

AP® World History

Rationales for Imperialism: Lesson Plan

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